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About Co-operative Education

VHSS Co-op allows grade 11 and 12 students to earn credits while working in the community. A Co-op student is still a VHSS student but a Co-op student spends most of their "class" time at a workplace instead of at school.

Valley Heights is fortunate to offer students a broad number of placement opportunities. Former VHSS students have worked with mechanics, electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, teachers, hairstylists, etc. They have worked in schools, business offices, and stores.

In many cases, the networking and experience gained throughout their Co-op placement has helped the student secure a job or apprenticeship after high school.

Students apply to the Co-op program. First, they select Co-op as an option when they select their courses. Second, they are interviewed by a Co-op teacher to talk about placement options. Third, they are interviewed by their workplace supervisor.

Space in the Co-op program is limited. Not all students who apply to the program are accepted.

Calendar / Log Sheets

Weekly Co-op log sheets can be found here.

A calendar for the semester can be found here.



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